With a Grateful Heart

The sessions that I have had with Rachel have been amazing and life changing for me. Through her, I have been able to glimpse the spirit world and know, not only, that there is life beyond this world but also that the realm of the living is more intertwined than imaginable with that of the divine. Rachel has a God-given gift that I am so happy she is going to share with humanity.

Since my first session with Rachel (only 5 months ago) I have begun to discover my own spiritual and intuitive self, with the healing knowledge that my Mother, and all lost loved ones, are with me everyday. I have transformed from a doubting agnostic, to a person of God who can now feel the energetic presence of spirits, including the Holy Spirit. The influence of my Mother’s spirit, through Rachel, and of Rachel’s loving guidance, have for ever changed me.

I would recommend that anyone, especially those of you that doubt the existence and veracity of the spirit world and true mediumship, have a session with Rachel. The guidance from Spirit is invaluable; it serves to better you and also to lift the curtain that we have created between the physical world and that of the Spirit. Finding the divine within our world and ourselves, I believe, is one of the keys to peace, happiness, and altruism.

For those that oppose connecting with Spirit, I know that any hesitation and condemnation comes from man made fear and misunderstanding. The work that Rachel does is rooted in God, she sees and uses Divine Light and the Angels as guides to help in her sessions. She has, in fact, been called by God to do this work and share a tangible version of His love with us.

–Ashley K., Medical Doctor, Lexington, Kentucky

Lost & Searching for Answers

Hi Rachel. I don’t know if you would remember me. I came to you when you were almost due to have your child. I never thanked you for the kindness you extended to me. You really comforted me when I really needed it. I was lost and searching for answers. I heard things from you that were hard to hear, and you sat with me and let me talk and listened to me… You gave me the most valuable thing anyone could give. Your time for a stranger in pain. You didn’t have to do that. And I am sorry it has taken me months to contact you to tell you thank you. I have been on quite a rollercoaster. But, I want you to know that your kindness has forever touched my heart and I will never forget it. …I have found peace with my father. He is all around me and he shows me all the time that he is still here. He even came to me in a dream to tell me he is at peace and okay. I was so lost when I came to see you. But for the first time in my life I feel like a weight has lifted off of me, and I am discovering so many things about life that I was so closed off to before. It really is an amazing feeling. And you are an amazing person for being able to see and feel the pain that I was in at the worst and lowest part of my life and hug a stranger and make me feel like it was going to be okay. I am so thankful to you for that.

–Stefanie, Charlotte,

NC Opening Doors in My Life

You did a reading for me a couple of months ago… Just wanted to tell you how much it has helped me. You gave me a mantra and I say it and think about it everyday. You gave me such amazing information. That was a night I will never forget. It’s opened up so many other doors in my life.

Everything is so much better now. Thanks a lot!
–Fiorella G.,Artist & Yoga Instructor, Miami Florida

Deepen Your Spirituality

My sessions with Rachel Hope helped me see beyond the material of our reality constructs and into the spirit world which shed light into the depths of my soul. I would recommend anyone who has ever had any interest in the beyond to have a session with Rachel Hope to deepen your spirituality and to see who comes through for you.

–Julie C., Yoga Instructor, Charlotte, NC

Positive Change in My Life Thanks to You Rachel!

Hi Rachel,
I wanted to e-mail you and thank you for the things you told me because I have noticed a positive change in my life, and it’s thanks to you! I’m very assertive now and I go for what I want. I have finally realized that you have to be bold and take chances because the only person you need to make happy is yourself. I felt like I should share this with you. Thank you again, have a great day!

–Katy B., Student, Stuttgart, Germany

Ordained Christian Minister Supports Rachel’s Work

My sessions with Rachel gave me quite a bit of peace. She was able to connect with several of my family members living on the other side. It was a reminder to me that they are not dead, but very much alive, just not here where I can see them. She also communicated with God and had a very beautiful, meaningful vision of my future in relation to God, and it continues to fill me with joy.

I would very much recommend Rachel to people looking to connect with the spirit world. I believe we live with one foot in the physical world and one in the spirit world. But most people neglect the spiritual. Rachel is able to help us see what is just beyond the curtain of this life. She offers, not just a conversation with our deceased loved ones, but also an awareness of the angels and spirits that are with us to help us on our journey of life.

I am an ordained minister in a mainline denomination. My life and my work are all about living in the Spirit. For me, Rachel’s work is not in opposition to Christian teachings but rather helps us connect with God’s Spirit and with God’s angels. The Kingdom of God is truly in our midst.

–Carol B., Pastor, Wiesbaden, Germany

Your Healing Work

I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone on the path of self-awareness; her healing work is powerful and life-changing. Rachel, thank you so much for sharing your gift, your amazing healing work has allowed me to let go of negative thought patterns and provided me a vehicle to assist me to move forward in my life. All my love and gratitude.

–Wendy B., Social Worker, Charlotte, North Carolina