Frequently asked questions

I want to share my Rachel Hope story! How can I get my story on her website?

If you have had a transformative experience with Rachel Hope and would like to share your story, please email Rachel at We can publish a picture of you along with your story if you so desire. Want to share your story but do not want to share your name with the public? We can do that too!


As you know Rachel has no recollection of sessions (for the most part) after sessions. She loves to hear your stories of love, transformation, peace and hope!

This is my second session. Can I be sure my loved one will come through again?

No. Often times if a loved one came through in a past session, it is not at all guaranteed that person will come back again. Passed loved ones often show up for the purpose of healing. If you do not need to hear from that person, your loved one will not speak up. However, I assure you your Spirit Guides will show up and give you the guidance you need!

Where is your office located?

1801 East 5th Street, Suite 205

Charlotte, NC 28204

Should I be scared?

No. These sessions are solely for your personal growth and healing. They are, however, often very emotional. The purpose is to help you heal. Rachel deals only with light and love, the Source from which all good things come.

Can I be sure that my loved one will come through during my session?

No. Rachel cannot choose if any specific spirit will come through during your session. Spirit knows what you need, and Rachel trusts that Spirit shares with her the most important things that you need to know in that moment.

What if I am not sure if I believe in this type of thing?

It is ok if you are unsure about spiritual sessions. Rachel too occasionally deals with disbelief. It is only through her many sessions with the Spirit that she has come to accept and believe in a higher power and the ability to communicate with the Spirit world. Spirit is seemingly intangible and therefore requires the presence of faith.

Does Rachel offer sessions over the phone?

Yes. Rachel IS offering sessions over the phone.

A phone session is the same as an in-person session in quality. The only difference is you will not see one another.

If a spirit comes through that does not speak English, will Rachel be able to understand?

Rachel has experienced working with international clients on several occasions. The messages normally do come through so Rachel can understand- which is normally in English. Because Rachel is fluent in German and speaks some Spanish, spirits will occasionally say words or sentences in another language.

Passed loved ones on the other side are able to communicate with Rachel so she understands. Our loved ones on the other side are not limited by language. Just because a loved one may have spoken a certain language while on Earth, it does not mean that that person cannot communicate in a multitude of languages while on the other side.

What is the price of a session?

The price of a single session is $140.

How is this different than going to a psychic?

I do not consider myself to necessarily be psychic. I cannot tell you information about your future, although I can certainly ask and see if your spirits respond! Although I do believe we all have a predetermined path in life, I also believe in the freedom to make choices which will guide our paths along the way. I work as a channel, meaning that I give permission for your loving spirits to share with you what you need to know.

How are you different than Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium?

Wow. This is an interesting question- one that I actually get asked quite a lot! From the show, it seems that Theresa frequently channels loved ones who have passed away. She receives a lot of information about the loved one's death then channels messages to the family or friends who are still living. Although this can happen and has happened many times during sessions with me, it is not the norm. Additionally, I cannot choose who will come through during a session. As much as I wish that I could connect every single person with their loved ones on the other side, I simply cannot do this. What I can do is deliver to you what exactly it is that you need to know right now from your team of spirits!

What do I need to bring?

Bring a notepad and pen to take notes. Bring some type of audio recording device.

Rachel often does not remember messages after a spiritual session. There have even been times when she did not remember a word she said right after delivering the message. Therefore, it is imperitive that you take notes or bring a recording device. No cameras please.

What should I expect?

It is best to come with no expectations.

Rachel receives in several different ways; She hears messages, sees visions, and has a knowing about certain things. Spirit knows what you need. Find peace in knowing that what you need will be provided to you during your session.