2018 Men’s Intuitive Listening Level 1 Training

Event Start Date:
January 29, 2018
Event End Date:
March 9, 2018
Event Venue:

Study Intuitive Listening™ with intuitive medium Rachel Hope. This 6 week online intensive course includes:

  • 30 Minute weekly one-on-one sessions with Rachel
  • 2 Hour weekly online group sessions MEN ONLY
  • daily meditation
  • self-study
  • daily journaling
  • movement and more! 
  • Spots are limited (Maximum 6 Participants)

application rachel hope


**Scholarship Application will be activated before course begins. If you are interested, PLEASE FILL OUT APPLICATION first, then apply for SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION separate**

How can you differentiate the voice in your head from your true intuitive voice?

In this 6 week intensive course of study, you will learn techniques to quiet your mind, opening space to allow for Spirit to communicate with you. This training is based on the 7 Steps of Intuitive Listening™ developed by Rachel Hope. Everyone “hears” Spirit in different ways. You could receive visions, hear messages, have a gut feeling, feel physical sensations, and more. Discover your unique style of listening. This training is designed for you to learn how to access the spiritual realm and practice doing so. You will have the direct support of Rachel Hope and a group of like-minded individuals. If you feel called to attend this training, please fill out the application.

What is Intuitive Listening™?

The purpose of intuitive listening is Connectivity to Divine Spirit to vanish distance.

What is the cost of the 6 week training?


Are there scholarships?

Yes. There are scholarships of varying amounts available.

Is there a payment plan option?

Yes. Four payments of $250. To secure your spot in the training upon acceptance into the program, your first payment of $250 is due.

What kind of commitment am I looking at?

Group meetings are 2 hours per week. Exact weekly meeting times will be determined at a later date. There are seven total group meetings. Two group meetings are scheduled for the first week of the training. You will have a 30 minute one-on-one session with Rachel (online) every week for the six weeks.

What is the schedule?

  • WEEK 1:
    • Monday January 29, 2018 Intro Group Meeting (2 hours/ Time: 3-5pm)
    • Friday February 2, 2018 Weekly Group Meeting (2 hours/ Time: 5-7pm)
    • Topic: Slow Your Mind
    • 1-1 30 minute session with Rachel (set up individually)
  • WEEK 2:
    •  Monday February 5, 2018 Weekly Group Meeting (2 hours/ Time: 3-5pm)
    • Topic: Types of Spirits
    • 1-1 30 minute session with Rachel (set up individually)
  • WEEK 3:
    • Monday February 12, 2018 Weekly Group Meeting (2 hours/ Time: 3-5pm)
    • Topic: Intention & Protections
    • 1-1 30 minute session with Rachel (set up individually)
  • WEEK 4:
    • Monday February 19, 2018 Weekly Group Meeting (2 hours/ Time: 3-5pm)
    • Topic:Learn How You Receive
    • 1-1 30 minute session with Rachel (set up individually)
  • WEEK 5:
    • Monday February 26, 2018 Weekly Group Meeting (2 hours/ Time: 3-5)
    • Topic: Chakra’s
    • 1-1 30 minute session with Rachel (set up individually)
    • Optional 24 hour RETREAT in WEEK 5
  • WEEK 6:
    • Monday March 5, 2018 Weekly Group Meeting (2 hours/ Time: 3-5pm)
    • Topic: Evolve & Moving Forward
    • 1-1 30 minute session with Rachel (set up individually)
  • OPTIONAL 24 Hour Retreat to Nebo, North Carolina:
    • Stay at a camp ground in a cabin for one night
    • Go to “Sacred Hawk” (Rachel’s Land) for meditation
    • Ceremony to End Training
    • Spend time in nature with fellow participants!

What general topics will be covered?

  • Quieting the Mind.
  • Types of Spirits.
  • The Clair’s.
  • The Chakras.
  • Movement and integration.
  • Evolution of the Soul.

Will I become a medium through this training?

No. You will practice “listening” to your own intuition. With practice and patience, you will open to a new type of listening, a whole Self listening. You will be able to identify how Spirit communicates with you. Know that this can shift and change over time.

I don’t feel very “intuitive”. Can I still take the training?

Yes. You don’t need to be “intuitive” to take the training. We all have different gifts. Some people are highly sensitive, and therefore, might have a more sensitive antennae. Some people are gifted at loving others. Some are gifted at being of service to others. We all have gifts. This training can help you identify yours.


“Rachel’s Level 1 Intuitive Training course changed my life! Prior to the class, I felt that I had the ability to connect to spirit and the other side, but wasn’t sure where to begin. As a full-time stay at home mom, I was feeling lost in life and knew I was doing very little to better myself spiritually. It was through my individual, tailored one-on-one sessions with Rachel, inspiring group meetings, and individual practice that I became so much more confident in myself and my abilities. Spirit and Rachel are incredible mentors, but what you take away from the course is a direct result of the effort you give. I have walked away with a community of like-minded individuals that I now communicate with on a daily basis for support and friendship. I have a renewed sense of self-confidence and unwavering belief in the support available on the other side. Rachel is an incredible intuitive who possesses the purest faith in God and spirit that I have ever witnessed. Taking this course with her is truly a life changing, incredible experience!”
 – Dana W., Spring 2016 IL Level I Participant

“Rachel Hope is a gifted intuitive mentor and practitioner. Through her own spiritual life journey, she has the ability to lovingly guide students to awaken their inner knowledge of Spirit. She carefully, step by step, takes each student at their own pace to recognize their blockages and understand their purpose. She provides an intimate and safe space to dive deep, heal, and blossom.

Through Rachel’s intensive six week course on Intuitive Listening, I was able to open fully to my personal gifts. She taught me how to strengthen my “Clairs” and be open to all guidance from Spirit. Through our group sessions, I received amazing support and insight.

Through meditation and guidance from Spirit, I learned that I can intuitively and energetically assist others to heal. I feel confident I can take the knowledge and skills I have learned, and incorporate it into my career! I am motivated to work with Spirit daily as grow as an intuitive practitioner.

I see the benefits (of this training) daily. When you work with your angels and guides, and follow your intuition, life effortlessly unfolds for you! It becomes a series of amazing signs and symbols from God as He works with you on your journey.”

 – Tamara N., Spring 2016 IL Level I Participant