Intuitive Medium Rachel Hope Spirit Sessions

Rachel Hope is a leading spiritual teacher and intuitive medium who talks about matters of the soul, spirit, and self. She has offered hundreds of readings and teaches students how to open directly to their own intuitive abilities. Rachel is a gifted, compassionate and loving spirit. Her life work is committed to helping and healing others. She embodies a genuine love for all humanity.

Rachel’s gift of being a trance medium is unique. She goes very deep into meditation and allows certain spirits to “embody”. When in this state she delivers messages directly from spirit. Rachel works only with spirits of light and love and her life mission is to teach others how to connect with the Divine.

Sessions typically last 45 minutes, depending on the speed of Spirit.


Upcoming Schedule:

Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Past Life Regression Hypnosis September 3-14, 2018

Have you ever wondered who you were in past lives? Is something from a past life affecting your current life. Come try Past Life Regression Hypnosis with Rachel Hope. She will be offering this service for the first two weeks of September. Limited number appointments. This is filling up fast! Email for appointment. Cost per session: $280. September Special cost is $199.

 Intuitive Listening for Intuitives

Intuitive Listening Level 1 Training

for INTUITIVES: 4 Week Intensive Oct 1-26, 2018

Are you already receiving from Spirit? Maybe you are even offering readings professionally. Come be part of a Sacred Circle of training where we will open to greater understanding and knowledge.

Study Intuitive Listening™ with Intuitive medium Rachel Hope. Begin to open to your greater purpose and move the way Spirit will have you go.

This course is online with a required 3 night in-person retreat in the North Carolina mountains. This 4 week course includes: weekly one-on-one sessions with Rachel Hope, weekly online group sessions (live), self-study, journaling, meditation, movement, and more!

Apply by invitation only.

Men's Intuitive Listening Training

MEN’S Intuitive Listening Level 1 Training 3 Week Intensive Oct 29-Nov 16

Are you feeling stuck? Do you desire a change? Are you being called to “something bigger”- but maybe don’t know what that is? Are you looking to connect with other like-minded men who appreciate you for who you are, not what you do?

Study Intuitive Listening™ with Intuitive medium Rachel Hope. Open to your intuition and begin to hear the whisper of your spirit, offering your guidance and wisdom. You will connect with other like-minded men, in this men’s only group.

 IL miami coming soon

COMING SOON! FALL 2018 4 Week Intuitive Listening™ Training– Level I Miami– end of Nov 2018

Study Intuitive Listening™ with Intuitive medium Rachel Hope. Open to your intuition. Begin to hear the whisper of your spirit, offering your guidance and wisdom.

This course is online with a required 3 day in-person intensive workshop in Miami, Florida.

This 4 week online intensive course includes: weekly one-on-one sessions with Rachel Hope, weekly online group sessions, self-study, journaling, meditation, movement, and more! Learn techniques to quiet your mind, opening space to allow for Spirit to communicate with you!

four directions life healing and transformation

NEW!: Four Directions Intuitive Healing and Life Transformation™

Are you feeling stuck? Do you desire a change? Are you being called to “something bigger”- but maybe don’t know what that is?

Every person walks their own unique path in life. Each of us has come into being for a special reason. Somewhere along the way, we seem to have lost touch with why we are here. Our cultural norms have vastly divided us as a people and left many of us feeling alone and without direction. It is for this purpose that I present to you Four Directions Intuitive Healing & Life Transformation™. The purpose of this program is to help you identify areas of growth in your life and to present a follow-through plan to assure that your growth happens.
Your program begins with a Discovery Session with Rachel. She will provide a channeled intuitive session to receive information about a healing and growth plan just for you. Themes to explore during the session are: trauma, current life purpose, current life healing, current life themes, current life soul planning, and current life agreements.
After your Discovery Session, Rachel will document a plan for you to follow. You will work together with Rachel’s trusted team to follow through with your intensive plan.
Rachel’s team all take a Mind, Body, Spirit, Nature approach to healing. They see healing as a multifaceted art, which spans as deep as the Soul. They look to Divine Spirit to be led to aid you in your deep personal healing. You have your own unique path, and only Spirit knows the keys to help you unlock the depths of your healing. If you feel called, please apply for for Four Directions Intuitive Healing & Life Transformation™ program. (Email rachelhopemedium@gmail.com if interested in applying.)

Past Events:

Weekly Journey Into the Light Blog Radio Show with Rachel Hope

What is Journey Into the Light?

Journey into the Light is a weekly blog radio show featuring Rachel Hope. Each week has a different theme. All shows are available for FREE and are posted on Journey Into the Light after the show. FREE podcasts:

Rachel Hope in MIAMI, FLORIDA  NOV 17-20, 2016

Unlocking Intuition Workshop November 12, 2016 @ Okra Yoga Studio

rachel hope intuitive listening level 2 promo

Class Complete!: 8 Week Online Intuition Listening Training– Level II  April 3- May 26, 2016

Intuitive Listening™ Level II Trainees took their intuitive practice to the next level. Participants built upon their previous learnings and deepened their understanding of their purpose on earth. Students practiced living their purpose with intention as they began to elevate humanity, shifting the energy in the World. Lifelong meaningful soul connections were made within this group of like-minded students. A four day magical retreat in Myrtle Beach was filled with meditation, yoga, spending time together, and receiving confirmation from Spirit.


Rest at The Quiet Place

quiet place

Questions for Rachel:

What is an Intuitive Session?

During a session I open myself to receive information that serves in your highest and greatest good. I am a channel. I give the spirit world permission to use me as a vessel to deliver messages to you that will serve in your personal growth and healing.

What should I expect during a session?

You can expect me to open the session by asking your spirits to come through for you and to share with me anything and everything that serves in your highest and greatest good at this time. Then we wait. I could start talking immediately or it could take up to ten minutes for your spirits to start communicating. You will want to take notes and audio record the session.

Why would I do a session?

Sessions are designed to solely aid you on your journey to becoming a better, more whole person. These sessions are intentioned to equip you with the things that you need to know right now in your life.

What types of things typically come through during a session?

Each and every session is different, believe it or not! I never know what to expect because the needs of every person vary depending on where that person is in their life and depending on what that person needs to hear from the other side. That said, every single time I do a session I channel messages from your team of spirits and spirit guides. Often times I see visions which serve a purpose for your life. These visions usually serve as metaphors and symbolisms for your life.

How is this different than going to a psychic?

I do not consider myself to necessarily be psychic. I cannot tell you information about your future, although I can certainly ask and see if your spirits respond! Although I do believe we all have a predetermined path in life, I also believe in the freedom to make choices which will guide our paths along the way. I work as a channel, meaning that I give permission for your loving spirits to share with you what you need to know.